Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kindergarten here we come!

A new era has begun at the Wevodau house - we now have a school age child. Aidan headed off to kindergarten on Monday. He was very excited and had been counting down the days for well over a week. We had a few scares over the weekend that made us think he might not make it to the first day of school. On Friday night at 10pm we received a call from the school nursey. Aidan's shot records were incomplete. After finding our copy, Ed called her back at 10:15 pm and confirmed that we did in fact have all the shots required. So I just had to deliver a copy again on Monday morning when dropping Aidan off. The next ordeal was on Saturday. We spent the entire day away from the house since the roofers were working. We spent several hours in Ed's classroom helping him prepare for his new school year. Late in the afternoon, Ed was hanging curtains, standing on several student desks to do so. Aidan decided to copy the behavior, but lost his footing. He fell of the desks and landed on his face - OUCH! He nose bled and it took several minutes before he could even open his eyes. We thought he had broken his nose. Ugh. We call the doctor and they gave us some signs to look for and assured us that as long as he wasn't having a hard time breathing, he didn't need to be seen immediately.

Well, the drama ended at that and Sunday was a calm day. In the evening we attached our newly acquired tag-a-long bike to the back of my bike. Aidan and I took it for a test spin and he was very excited to ride it to school the next day - although he did request that I not make the ride so "squiggly". Apparently when I go too slow and have to turn my front wheel frequently to stay balanced, it has a bullwhip effect on the back passenger. With a little more practice, I assured Aidan I could improve.

Aidan had a great day. He strode into his classroom very independently and got to color, sing a song (which he can't remember), play with legos at "center time" and eat lunch in the cafeteria. He liked it so much he was still eager to return on day 2!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bean Bag Boys

The boys' favorite toy this weekend was the bean bag chair, minus the beans! For Ed's first Father's Day, I made him an oversized Bucknell colored bean bag chair so that he and Aidan could spend quality time together on the floor. As the years have gone by, the bean bag has been a popular item, but from time to time it has to be dismanteled to be washed. Well, this weekend the boys discovered what fun it was to live inside the bean bag. They fit their pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and toys in there. They informed me that three kids could live in the bean bag or just one adult (if the adult "folded their head" to fit). It's the simple things in life that really make us happy.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Digging deep has nothing to do with heavy lifting

You may or may not know that we decided to add on to our abode. Since we have a one story home and no room to expand out due to our pool and neighbors, we are expanding up. We are adding a staircase (the boys' favorite part), a large bonus room over the garage and a full bath. The room is already named "Ed's Retreat", although it is intended to serve as his office as well as a play room for the boys. At any rate, the demolition of the roof and attic started Monday (8/13/07) and in just a few days there were stairs and some framing. Unfortunately, the stairs are not where we expected, so they will be redoing them. The contractor expects the project to take 13 weeks - I just hope it is finished for Christmas. I'd be happy to take bets on the completion date.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dragon

In the spring, a new gourmet grocery store "Central Market" opened close to us and every Tuesday evening is family night at their gourmet eatery. We frequent the eatery on Tuesdays so that the boys can eat free and Ed and I can eat healthy (or at least more healthy that fast food). The highlight for the boys is the playground. They love to play hide-n-seek, go up and down the slides and dig in the sandbox. But their favorite activity by far is climbing on the various dragon parts that pop up through the shredded rubber ground covering. It took a few visits, but now they are both proficient at climbing up the scales. They do however, have to be reminded not to push each other off while vying for the best seat.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogging - here we come

Well, I have been introduced to blogging over the last few months, and especially enjoy reading my friend Jenn's site. She posts stories and photos, mostly about her kiddos. I am going to attempt to do the same on a semi-regular, let's say, maybe even weekly basis. Let's see how it goes.