Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kindergarten here we come!

A new era has begun at the Wevodau house - we now have a school age child. Aidan headed off to kindergarten on Monday. He was very excited and had been counting down the days for well over a week. We had a few scares over the weekend that made us think he might not make it to the first day of school. On Friday night at 10pm we received a call from the school nursey. Aidan's shot records were incomplete. After finding our copy, Ed called her back at 10:15 pm and confirmed that we did in fact have all the shots required. So I just had to deliver a copy again on Monday morning when dropping Aidan off. The next ordeal was on Saturday. We spent the entire day away from the house since the roofers were working. We spent several hours in Ed's classroom helping him prepare for his new school year. Late in the afternoon, Ed was hanging curtains, standing on several student desks to do so. Aidan decided to copy the behavior, but lost his footing. He fell of the desks and landed on his face - OUCH! He nose bled and it took several minutes before he could even open his eyes. We thought he had broken his nose. Ugh. We call the doctor and they gave us some signs to look for and assured us that as long as he wasn't having a hard time breathing, he didn't need to be seen immediately.

Well, the drama ended at that and Sunday was a calm day. In the evening we attached our newly acquired tag-a-long bike to the back of my bike. Aidan and I took it for a test spin and he was very excited to ride it to school the next day - although he did request that I not make the ride so "squiggly". Apparently when I go too slow and have to turn my front wheel frequently to stay balanced, it has a bullwhip effect on the back passenger. With a little more practice, I assured Aidan I could improve.

Aidan had a great day. He strode into his classroom very independently and got to color, sing a song (which he can't remember), play with legos at "center time" and eat lunch in the cafeteria. He liked it so much he was still eager to return on day 2!


Carlina said...

Kindergarten, how exciting, I can vaguely remember back then. The one thing that comes to mind is when I put a rock up my nose and Mom had to come and pick me up. Oh yeah, we also got Buddy when I was in kindergarten. It sure is great to hear about the family. We are glad Aidan is okay. We sure do miss you guys and look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Lots of Love,
The Fekel Family

Mom W said...

What a great picture. It is hard to believe that my first grandson is ready for Kindergarten. I am so glad he had a great day and his accident didn't prevent him from enjoying his first day.