Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dragon

In the spring, a new gourmet grocery store "Central Market" opened close to us and every Tuesday evening is family night at their gourmet eatery. We frequent the eatery on Tuesdays so that the boys can eat free and Ed and I can eat healthy (or at least more healthy that fast food). The highlight for the boys is the playground. They love to play hide-n-seek, go up and down the slides and dig in the sandbox. But their favorite activity by far is climbing on the various dragon parts that pop up through the shredded rubber ground covering. It took a few visits, but now they are both proficient at climbing up the scales. They do however, have to be reminded not to push each other off while vying for the best seat.


Kathleen said...

Hi Kim- great idea!! Adam loves to look at pictures and now I can tell him what the boys are doing too. I really wish he could get to know them better...this will help though. Perhaps I've been inspired!! Love-kath

MOM said...

Kim--I know you've talked about enjoying Jenn's site so it doesn't surprise me that you are doing it. What does surprise me is that I managed to get through the process to post a comment. But you know I am going to require education to learn what HTML tags are and why and how one might use them. You certainly know how to raise the stress level of theoretical retirement. I just keep thinking how Grandma loved the "scrap book" you did on line for so many years and how much she would enjoy enjoy being able to tell someone that she was reading her granddaughter's blog as she certainly heard about them listening to TV. I'm sure Carlina and Chad will love it--and maybe it will inspire Carlina to do the same--HINT, HINT--now that we are across the country from them. It's great to be able to see your friends kids, too, since I hear about them frequently. Thanks for including them. Love, MOM

Mom W said...

Good Morning Kim - I love your new Blog site. It will be fun to see the boys and read about all their adventures. You will certainly be kept busy with scrapbooking and blogging!! Can't wait for my September visit!

Mom W

Carlina said...

Hola Kim,
Thank you for thinking of your loved ones who are far. This is such a wonderful idea to keep us posted on what You, Ed and the boys are into these days. Good Luck with it!
We got mom's hint and both Chad and I are already inspired, but we are not sure when we will find the time to start something like this with our CRAZY restaurant schedules.
Carlina & Chad