Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bean Bag Boys

The boys' favorite toy this weekend was the bean bag chair, minus the beans! For Ed's first Father's Day, I made him an oversized Bucknell colored bean bag chair so that he and Aidan could spend quality time together on the floor. As the years have gone by, the bean bag has been a popular item, but from time to time it has to be dismanteled to be washed. Well, this weekend the boys discovered what fun it was to live inside the bean bag. They fit their pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and toys in there. They informed me that three kids could live in the bean bag or just one adult (if the adult "folded their head" to fit). It's the simple things in life that really make us happy.

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Carlina said...

The boy's can keep themselves busy with just about anything. The simple pleasures in life, we should all remember those times!!


Chad and Carlina