Sunday, January 24, 2010

Austin is 6

Wow - time is flying by. Our little Ausitn turned 6. He wanted a "war" party at the house. If it had been warmer weather we would have played capture the flag in the yard, but seeing as it is actually January, it was necessary to stay in side. This year Austin was willing to invite girls (although we didn't). He said since it was a war party they could just watch.
So 10 boys got decked out in camo (except for Austin who always seems to change his mind on the day of). We painted their faces, handed out dog tags and tatoos and sent them on their way to basic training with Ed. They enjoed the jungle crawl through the hallway and just ranning around, playing war and doing some nerf gun target practice.
Ed tried to get the boys to work on some "first aid" training. He had one of our friends posing as an injured soldier. When he asked the boys what they should do (hoping they would shout something like "Get the Medic"), he got responses like - "Take over command" and "Kill him". Alas, none of these lads are likely to be medics.