Monday, November 2, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

A Happy Halloween was had by all!
We had a little neighborhood gathering prior to trick or treating. The weather was fantastic - just a cool fall evening. All the boys enjoyed playing, but little Madison (a neighbor in Austin's kindergarten class could not be convinced to join the photo with all the rowdy boys).
Aidan was a sargent in full camo. Austin was going to be a bat (and was earlier in the week), but his game day decision was Boba Fett. Paige was a pumpkin.

The boys had a lot of fun trick or treating with friends. Aidan lagged a bit behind the group as he was interested in looking at every piece of candy as it was acquired and he also followed directions and did not run across any lawns, but instead used the sometimes winding sidewalks.
My favorite haunts in the neighborhood are the stiltman's house and the house with the haunted castle blow-up that you have to walk through.

Out of all the candy, Aidan said the mint (a red & white dinner mint) was his favorite. Of course, that turned into drama when 10 minutes later his brother ate it and there was only one! Austin's favorite is the lollipop, followed closely by Hershey's chocolate.