Saturday, May 16, 2009

Field Day

Aidan was a little sick early in the week, and was greatly concerned about missing Friday's Field Day at school. He made a quick recovery and was well rested for the big day of "Gator Games". The 1st grade classes competed against each other. The games were very creative and the kids had a blast. Aidan's favorite was the age old classic - Tug of War.

RODEO - bouncing around the course


Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's Play Ball

Okay... it wasn't my intention to wait 2 months between postings, but alas it is what it is. Most of my excuse is that I missplaced my camera, but my husband found it after a deep cleaning of the family van! It was in a seat back pocket and once he found it I did remember putting it there.
The boys are two months into their t-ball and baseball season. Austin is certainly having fun playing t-ball, if for no other reason than the snacks. He plays on the Rivercats. Funny thing is, Aidan's first team was the Riverdogs. So I guess I can truly say at times that our kids fight like cats and dogs.

Austin wacks the ball AND the tee

Focus! (photo by Aidan)

Aidan plays for the Orioles and has recently enjoyed a promotion to the infield, playing pitcher or the hot corner, when not in right field backing up virtually all throws to first base (which he is quite good at). Aidan plays coach-pitch and usually goes 3-4 or 4-5 each game. His team is doing very well and is in trophy contention with 10 games played, 4 to go.


Getting ready to slap one down the thirdbase line

Funny story... Since Aidan is on the Orioles, we watched a little bit of a game on TV with the Rangers and Orioles. Aidan asked if it was a cardinal on the Orioles hat! Nope, it's an Oriole - a black and orange bird. It wasn't 10 seconds later when Austin asked if it was a cardinal on their hat... Nope, it's an Oriole. Aside from the fact that our boys obviously only know the name of one bird, what I find particularly amusing is that Aidan has an Oriole on his team hat and never asked what it was prior to seeing the big leaguers with the same hat!