Friday, December 26, 2008


Preparing for Santa
Christmas Eve was filled with excitement. At the church service, Austin sang with his choir and Aidan wanted to know when he could have Easter bread again (what he calls the communion bread). After church, Ed and the boys made cookies - halloween sugar cookies, from a pack they never made in October! Austin wanted to leave 16 cookies for Santa, and the boys ate the rest. We let them open gifts from Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Kirk - which resulted in Austin wearing a hockey jersey over his Christmas pjs and Aidan hanging a race car parking sign over his bed.

I've got you in my sight

Christmas morning started at ~6:15am. I heard the boys in the living room, discovering the gifts and then assigning wake up duties - Austin had Mommy and Daddy while Aidan had GG and Poppa Sid. Austin was like Paul Revere delivering his message "Santa was here! Santa was here!" at the top of his lungs. Then we all met in the living room for hours of gift unwrapping and toy assembly.


Some of Aidan's favorites are the AI Tech racetrack, a light blue Chargers Jersey and Wall-e the video game. Some of Austin's favorites are his army fatigues and gun, his police helmet and pixos.

Reindeer Games

We had a great day eating and playing. Oh, and Austin learned a new song (to the tune of London Bridges) and it went like this "Underpants are falling down falling down falling down..." and every time he sang it he laughed and laughed and laughed. And in addition to his performance making us laugh, his pants were falling down and we could see his underpants!