Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well the grand holiday of masks and jack-o-lanterns is behind us. The boys had a fantastic time and Aidan whined all day Saturday that he wished it could be halloween again! We started the festivities with a block party on our street. The kids ran around playing hide and seek, street hockey, etc. and only occassionally came over to ask when we could go trick or treating. The parents served up mummy dogs, mac & cheese, pizza bagels and strawberries - definitely this year the pizza bagels and the strawberries won out. The parents were happy eating the mummy dogs.

  • Austin was a Skeleton Pirate (instead of the planned gladiator). His pre-k class made these for a parade earlier in the day and he didn't want to take it off, not even for a helmet and sword!
  • Aidan was a Star Wars Clone Trooper (new in the animated series), but to those old schoolers among us, it looks remarkably like a Storm Trooper.

Austin & the nightly street hockey event

Aidan, again playing street hockey (as the sun sets)

Eat your veggies boys, grow big and tall