Monday, October 27, 2008

Boys in Tuxedos

Silly Boys

Practicing where to stand

Waiting to Perform

This weekend the Wevodau boys were in our friends' wedding (Mark & Tambi's). Aidan & Austin served as ring bearers and Ed was a groomsman. Austin caused a few snickers as he walked down the aisle with his shoulders hunched over, the pillow at his knees - as if the pillow weighed 20 lbs! The wedding was fantastic and fun - even the boys enjoyed the reception with all the toys Tambi had at the kid's table. And Austin did manage to wear his bow tie even though he didn't want to since "bows are for girls".

September Update

Oops – it’s over.

September that is. We didn’t miss it, we just missed you. It was a busy month as we got into the routine of school and extra-curricular activities again.

Aidan is learning to ice skate, play the piano and has joined tiger cubs. Aidan and I were talking the other day on our way to school. He had to think of a 4-line story that morning (as he does every morning) because they apparently write a story every morning in 1st grade. I asked if he wanted to write about skating. He thought about it and then as an aside mentioned that he was glad he didn’t have to wear his bike helmet to skating lessons anymore (Ed required it at the first lesson but after seeing no one else wearing one, Ed decided we had gone a little overboard.) Aidan did then mention that he would like to have a helmet for his bottom. So I asked if he would write about that. He declined but offered it up to me as a story option if I go back to 1st grade!

Austin is playing soccer and really seems to enjoy it. He is a natural midfielder, using his speed to score or to cut down the angle while defending against the other team (see him in the red and black shoes below). He is a bit bashful with the parents & coach, but easily loses that trait when he is on the field. Austin is getting accustomed to pre-K. He likes math and coloring – but especially using scissors and glue. While he does wish every day was Saturday, he doesn’t want to miss Fridays at school as he can choose his own outfit (instead of the uniform) and he takes things in for show and tell.