Tuesday, July 29, 2008


After a 5+ week visit in Mechanicsburg, PA and all surrounding friends and relatives, Ed and the boys have returned home! They did everything - camping, pinebox derbies, visiting the Crayola factory, attending dino camp, going to the Baltimore aquarium, storytime at the library, learning to play video games, seeing wild animals and riding bikes.
I met up with the boys in Arkansas this weekend. We spent a day in and around Hot Springs, visiting a science museum, an aligator farm and a state park on beautiful Ouachita Lake. Notably, at the science museum the entire family attempted to crawl through a "mine exhibit". It was very dark and somewhat tight (at least for adults). Aidan lead the way and I apparently didn't follow closely enough. About 1/2 way through, Aidan took a right and I didn't see it/couldn't see him and took a left. Now according to Ed, "anyone who could read" would have known not to turn to the left as it was marked as an exit. In my defense, it was dark, I saw an arrow and followed it... At any rate, Aidan got separated from us due to my wrong turn. This is really the first time he has gotten lost (although let me clarify that we knew exactly where he was and could hear him, but he was scared). I crawled back in one of the early exit slides (opposite the flow of traffic) to try to relocate Aidan. While climbing up some purple netting, with my foot going through it on every other step, Ed shouted that Aidan was back outside the mine with him. Eventually, I also made it out and we were reunited as a family. I only relate this story as it seems to have been a very traumatic event for Aidan. He insisted on talking about it and only it for 2+ hours after the incident.

Being Silly with Cousins Marvin & Kayla