Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grapevine becomes Hockeytown

After seeing a hockey game this spring and watching virtually all the NHL playoffs, the boys wanted to try hockey. Our local rink offered a free program where they loan you all the hockey equipment and let the kids out on the ice 4 nights. Our boys had great fun just putting on the equipment! And while getting all that stuff on takes time, it takes far less time than it did in my day because the skates have buckles instead of laces!
Gladiator #1 (Austin)

Gladiator #2 (Aidan)

At their first outing Aidan got out on the ice with a chair to hold on to and push around. Austin on the other hand refused to even get out on the ice. Ed spent 45 minutes trying to coax him, but to avail. By week two, Austin was excited about getting on the ice - we plopped him out there with his chair and his little legs were going 90 mph - only he wasn't moving. His skates were going back and forth on the ice, lickity split, but since he wasn't pushing off to the sides, he was "skating in place". Aidan got out on the ice and used his chair half the time and ventured out on his own the rest of the time. By the 3rd session, Aidan spent most of his time without the chair, certainly still a little shaky, but building confidence and trying to put the puck on his stick. Austin attempted several trips away from the chair as well.
A Typical Moment

Not So Typical Moment

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Now and Then

Well, we officially have a first grader in out family. There's quite a contract between flashing back to the beginning of the school year and looking at where we are now.


Things that are the same:

  • - Likes trains
  • - Likes black sneakers (just like his dad used to - although he doesn't know that)
  • - Loves milk
  • - Favorite color - red
  • - Still a picky eater
  • - Still gets in trouble occassionally for using a whinny voice


Things that are different:
- Several inches taller
- Learned to read
- Likes to write silly sentences
- Likes more than just trains - race cars, airplanes
- Likes watching sports including baseball and ice hockey
- Plays video games NOW
- Can get his own milk (as long as the jug isn't too full)

School's Out

All the Wevodau boys are out of school for the summer. Aidan's last day of Kindergarten at Glenhope Elementary was June 4th. Ed's last day at Colleyville-Heritage was June 5th and Austin wrapped up preschool with half a day on June 6th. Ed celebrated by taking the boys to the Indy car practice at Texas Motor Speedway - their first trip to see race cars! They got some autographs (although Ed said the line was too long & the boys were too fidgety to get Dana Kirkpatrick's) Aidan was most excited about the 2 McDonalds cars, but couldn't believe it when he learned only one of the McD's drivers was from the United States. Even at 6 years old he recognizes what an icon McD's is in the US. What he doesn't know is how global they are.
Austin informed me that they had green and orange earplugs that they poked in their ears and that they saw a crash. A tow truck had to go out on the track and the driver had to go see his doctor.

Aidan had a kindergarten graduation ceremony. They made their own caps using what looks like a coffee filter, posterboard and some gold yarn and they used men's white dress shirts, wore backwards for gowns.

Our Glenhope Gator Kindergarten Graduate

Brothers in front of his kindergarten window

Aidan's favorite part of the end of school was that his teacher Mrs. Gray gave him watercolor paints. As he explained it, she was going to get new ones next year so he could have the old ones. He talked about it for days leading up to the last day. That last week he even painted a picture, brought it home and showed us what his to be paints could do.