Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rainy Day

It was raining as we were heading to church this morning. Austin observed it was just raining, not thundering or lightening. I was impressed with his accurate observation and thought I'd ask the boys a few questions. Here's how it went.

Question 1) How many rain drops are hitting the car?
Aidan: 13, 067
Austin: 13
(and then debate ensued with Aidan telling Austin there were way more than 13, at least hundreds, maybe thousands of rain drops. Followed by Austin saying, "But not imfitium."

Question 2) Where do rain drops come from?
Austin: Clouds
Aidan: Clouds Crying

Question 3) Who made the sky?
Austin: God... (then when I asked Aidan, Austin must have thought he hadn't given quite the right answer and changed his to Jesus)
Aidan: No, it was a giant sun that exploded and made the sky. It was very powerful.

Question 4) Who else is powerful?
Aidan: God
Austin: And Santa!

From there the conversation spiraled into discussions about having to go to Sunday school, who had the coolest umbrella and why we didn't wear coats.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Earring our Ears at Disney

At Chef Mickeys with Grammy

We spent a fun-filled spring break at Disney World with Ed's family. We all met in Orlando and stayed in Ft. Wilderness in a couple of cabins (a great spot for familys). We had dinners and lunches with characters, rode every ride we could if you were 40" and 44" tall, and even had our Easter Egg hunt in between our cabins.

No Cabin Fever for the Wevodaus or Bordlemays

We took the Ft. Wilderness shuttles to the boat dock or the main bus pick up each morning. We got to take the boat to the Magic Kingdom and buses to each of the other parks. The kids liked the boat and bus rides almost as much as the park attractions.

It doesn't get any better than this!

At Epcot, Aidan rode Test Track with Uncle Kirk and Daddy and Austin rode the Nemo ride 3 times with Grammy, Mommy, Aunt Kathy and his cousins Adam and Neve. We ate at the Coral Reef restaraunt and the kids got to watch the goings on in a huge fish tank the entire time. Aidan liked the giant sea turtle and the sharks the best.

Do I have to ride this? (Aidan)

I gotta be me!!! (Austin)

After our first day around the park, I started to wear a motion sickness patch and that allowed me to ride everything from the Carousel and Tea Cups to Space Mountain and Everest. Austin's favorites were seeing Mickey and Minnie's houses (although he wished he could see Pluto at Mickey's house). He also loved the Winnie the Pooh ride and the big kid rides like Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and The Tower of Terror. Aidan loved Space Mountain (which he rode 5 times in one day), the Tomorrowland Race Cars and Buzz Lightyear's Adventure. Ed even kept Aidan out one special night where the Magic Kingdom was open until 3am! They ran around the park hopping on as many rides as they could. They loved it.

Swimming at Ft. Wilderness