Friday, September 21, 2007

Time Flies

Our household and house have been in constant motion since the start of school. Three days into kindergarten Aidan was diagnosed with strep throat! He had the long Labor Day weekend to recover and has been enjoying school ever since. He prefers to take his lunch in his Volcano lunch sack, rather than buy something in the cafeteria. He brings home a different train book from the school library every few days and we now work on homework each week – learning to recognize and write works like I, see, the, a, me, red, etc. I think Aidan’s highlight of the year thus far was when Grammy (Ed’s mom) visited school, had lunch with him and watched him play at recess. He is having a blast.

Austin is exerting his 3 ½ yr old independence. Of late, he will not let us in his room while he is “cleaning” it. Cleaning consists of taking every visible, movable object (books, toys, clothes) and piling them into the closet. Austin picks out his own outfits each morning – and they are colorful to say the least. He prefers red, orange or green shorts all with red socks. When Austin goes missing in the house, you are sure to find him in his closet or under his bed sneaking a snack – yes, he likes to take food back into his lair without us knowing. He is now a very proficient bike rider with the help of his training wheels.

Ed made a special trip to Colorado over the Labor Day weekend. On the spur of the moment, he accepted an invitation to go climb a “fourteener”- Mount Elbert. He really enjoyed the experience and was pleasantly surprised that after reaching the summit, the threat of storms disappeared and he was able to stay at the top for an hour enjoying the views of surrounding mountains and the successful climb.

Our fun continues with Aidan playing soccer (and me coaching). Aidan and Austin are starting choir – Austin is very excited to be old enough this year. Hot water has been restored in our house (after having our hot water heater moved and replaced). Now the boys’ bathroom is being dismantled (with a jackhammer) in order to put in wider pipes for the new upstairs bathroom to flow through. The concrete chunks and visible rebar are distressing, but we’re sure it will all come together as planned in another 8-9 weeks.