Monday, August 25, 2008

School Starts

Today we officially have a pre-kindergartener and a 1st grader. Austin and Daddy headed off to Primrose and Colleyville-Heritage after a fruit smoothie and a little bit of cinnamon toast (with no crust). Austin was sporting his required uniform and Daddy was sporting a tie. Aidan and Mommy headed off after the same fruit smoothie and some apple jacks cereal. Aidan picked out his American flag t-shirt to wear (he is really into the flag with the last few weeks of Olympic games) and we packed his lunch with Spongebob mac & cheese, a granola bar and doritos. Then we headed off to school on our tag-along bike, both wearing backpacks to carry all of Aidan's required school supplies. And for anyone who hasn't heard me whine about it - next year I will not miss the opportunity to pre-order Aidan's supplies through the school!

Nice Pic

Hugs & Kisses
(moments before this they didn't even want to touch each other for the picture)

Silly Pic
(followed by the question from Austin, "Mommy, did you see my tongue?")

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures that could have been

Well, my camera spent the weekend in my desk drawer at work, so no pics this weekend. But, if I had had the camera, this is likely what you would be seeing.
  1. Family shots in the pool with Mom & Austin graciously losing to Aidan & Daddy in the soon to be Olympic sport of water basketball
  2. Aidan watering the potted plants around the pool in his birthday suit. (Let me explain - the boys take off their suits before heading inside to avoid wet slippery floors. After Aidan exited the pool and took a quick clean off shower at our outdoor shower, Ed asked if he would water the plants - and he did, after he took off his suit).
  3. Snacks to share at the pot luck at the first night of Vacation Bible School - Austin made "strawberry sticks" which consisted of strawberries, big marshmallows and 1" squares of rice krispy treats threaded in a pattern onto a wooden skewer. Aidan and Austin made Krabby Patty Cookies which consisted of 2 Nilla wafers for the bun, 1 thin mint/grasshopper cookie for the patty and green, red and yellow icing for the lettuce and condiments. These were all big hits at the pot luck.

Next time I will have to have my camera!